InnovForm Therapeutics, LLC.

Innovative Formulation Technology for Innovative Drug Development

Products in Development:

  • Polymer based Nanoparticle Formulation for Platinum-based Chemotherapy;
  • Functional Polyester Delivery systems for Pain Management with Sustained Release and Less Side Effects;
  • Enzymatic Labile Self-Immolative PolyethyleneGlycol (PEG) conjugates for Therapeutics/Diagnostic Agents Delivery. 

Short-Term services/contracts to provide:

  • Consulting service on 
    1. Drug delivery, nano/micro particle formulation;
    2. Polymer chemistry (polymerizations /polymer functionalizations);
    3. Technology transfer on drug delivery systems / polymeric biomaterials .

  • Contract service on 
    1. Polymer design, synthesis and modifications;
    2. Nanoparticle formulation and surface modification;
    3. General medicinal chemistry/preformulations/formulations.